What's the story?

DadSlam was started by storyteller and dad Jeff Sass.  Although he's been a dad for 24 years, Jeff's storytelling started much earlier in his life.  In fact, according to his mom, Jeff started talking in complete sentences when he was 10 months old, and he hasn't shut up since...

An active "dad blogger" Jeff has been a regular contributor and co-editor of the Dadomatic blog since its inception in 2008.  He is also one of the co-hosts of the Cast of Dads podcast along with fellow dad dudes (and collectively the former Sony DigiDads) C.C. Chapman, Brad Powell, Michael Sheehan and Max Kalehoff.  An avid podcast fan, Jeff was inspired to launch DadSlam by the awesome story podcasts THE MOTH and RISK!

Jeff is the proud dad of Zach, 24; Ethan, 22; and Olivia, 21.

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What is a DadSlam?

A DadSlam is not an interview... It is a story.  A monologue.  A tale.  In the sprit of poetry slams and story slams each episode of DadSlam is a collection of Stories from the Hood... Fatherhood.  Dads telling it like it is.  Tall tales of daddydom from tall dads, short dads, all dads.

DadSlam stories are funny, sad, emotional, raw, real.

DadSlam is a podcast.  DadSlam is an event.  DadSlam is dads telling stories.  5 - 10 minute monologues that will make you laugh, cry and cringe.  Just like your kids.

Are you a dad with a story to tell... a story you've never told before?  Record it.  Video it.  Be a part of DadSlam.  Stick it on Dropbox and send a link to us here.